Social engagement provides a unique opportunity for our clients to pair their branding messages alongside ours to increase reach, frequency, and credibility. 

Social Engagement

What is Social Engagement?

A branded post acts as an implied endorsement of your brand. By using Meredith Connecticut for your social engagement efforts, we can get your message out to our large amount of followers in just a matter of seconds. With a large following of active users a month on Facebook alone, social media exposure has become a top priority for our advertisers.

Social Engagement 2

Here's Why Your Brand Needs To Be Engaging on Social Media

In order to grow your business and get your message out, you need to reach a large number of people often. For our campaign strategies, we like to include social engagement because this is a platform that people spend a lot of time on. With your business’s name in their newsfeed, they will have to notice you.

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