Why Meredith Connecticut is the Right Media Partner for Your Business

Kristin Andros

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Sep 3, 2020 8:55:00 AM


Meredith Connecticut is a full-service media partner that provides the whole package: market research, television ads, social media and digital ads, email marketing, and more. The Meredith Connecticut team focuses heavily on ensuring that our clients have a custom experience that fits their needs, not just a one-size-fits-all approach designed to fit any number of businesses. 

We are consultants.

At Meredith Connecticut, we focus on being a partner who consults with each client on the best decisions for their business. Your marketing needs are as unique as your business. You have a specific target audience and specific goals in mind. That means you cannot get away with using just any marketing solution as you put together your plans. 

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Our consultants, unlike many other media partners, aren't focused on making a sale alone. Instead, we want to work with our clients throughout the whole process. Our goal is to find out what you need so that we can deliver on those expectations and help you meet your marketing goals through strategic research and ongoing testing and evaluation. 

We guide you towards what's right for your business.

Meredith Connecticut will guide you in a direction that is right for your business, not for our profit. You want a media partner that has your interests in mind, rather than just wanting a sale. At Meredith Connecticut, we carefully evaluate your goals and advertising budget to get a better idea of the marketing plan that is the best fit for your business. We also focus on developing a custom marketing plan, rather than trying to fit you into an existing, generic option. 

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs.

At Meredith Connecticut, we handle TV, digital, and print advertising, creating a comprehensive marketing plan that extends across all avenues. Doing all of your advertising in one place offers many advantages. First, it allows you to create a better sense of continuity across all your marketing platforms. You want your customers to have the same experience with your brand no matter how they connect with you. By using a one-stop-shop for your marketing needs, you can create that continuity. Using a single media company for all of your advertising needs also streamlines your marketing efforts, decreasing the time you need to spend communicating your needs and plans. 

We offer more assets than most media partners.

When you work with Meredith Connecticut, you also get access to the wide pool of marketing assets that belong to the Meredith team. That includes a number of lifestyle magazines, including People, Parents, Better Homes and Gardens, and All Recipes. Advertising in these magazines allows you to connect directly to your target audience in a way that can help build brand recognition, especially as they continue to connect with your brand through other platforms, including television and digital.

We have more marketing resources.

At Meredith Connecticut, we offer numerous marketing resources that can help you truly take care of all of your marketing needs in one location. 


OTT allows you to get your ads in front of the ever-increasing audience that is turning to streaming and on-demand services for the television programs they watch most often. 

Strategic Planning and Research

Planning and research is a critical first step of the marketing process. At Meredith Connecticut, we have substantial existing research about the Connecticut market and the materials that your target audience will most likely respond to. We also work directly with your company to conduct more in-depth research, including information about your competitors and their marketing efforts. 

Social Engagement

By 2019, around 80% of the American population regularly used social media, both for connecting with one another and for connecting with the brands we follow. At Meredith Connecticut, we help our clients build greater social engagement, not only on their own pages but by utilizing our extensive reach. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you directly reach interested parties who want to know more about your business. Meredith Connecticut clients can access our email lists as well as their own. 

Cause Marketing

Through your cause marketing efforts, you can not only give back to your community, but you can also show Connecticut consumers that you genuinely care about them. This can increase their opinion of your business and increase the likelihood that they will think of you. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes paid ads, search advertising, and content marketing, all designed to help reach consumers where they are and improve your reach. 

TV Advertising

TV ads can help expand your reach and get your ads in front of a wide number of consumers from many different backgrounds throughout the Connecticut area. You can target your TV ads to a specific audience based on the types of programs they watch and the times of day they watch television. 

Lifestyle Marketing

Through your lifestyle marketing efforts, you can reach consumers based on the types of material they regularly consume, including specific magazines. 


At Meredith Connecticut, we do not just produce the marketing creative. We work to create seamless marketing materials that all flow together for a more cohesive experience with your brand.

Meredith Connecticut offers a number of advantages that make us an incredible media partner for any business. From our consultants, who work in partnership with each client, to our extensive marketing resources, we provide the tools our clients need to reach their marketing goals.

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