Spreading Public Awareness of Behavioral Health: Meredith Connecticut's Partnership with Community Health Resources

Stephanie Hoey

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Mar 10, 2021 10:08:00 AM

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Community Health Resources offers vital behavioral health services. As a nonprofit organization, the company wants to bring in new clients and wants to increase awareness of what it has to offer the community. Also, the company has a strong focus on increasing donations and fundraising to continue to provide those benefits to members of the community.

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Through its long-term partnership with Meredith Connecticut, CHR has substantially increased overall awareness of what it has to offer and expand its social media followers and clients. Not only that, CHR has seen immense increases each year in its fundraising totals.

Community Connections and Involvement

In partnership with Meredith Connecticut, Community Health Resources has focused on several critical types of advertising. First, to pursue its goal of establishing itself as an active part of the community, Community Health Resources has focused on creating numerous on-air segments. CHR's ads usually run for approximately two years: after a five-year partnership with Meredith Connecticut, CHR is currently working on its third ad. 

However, the company also sponsors the Closings & Delays segment of the local news report, which appears whenever schools and businesses must close down due to weather. Since closings often occur in the New England area due to unpredictable weather, the company has seen immense success and visibility due to these efforts. Thanks to this sponsorship, Community Health Resources has seen significantly increased awareness of its offerings. 

Lifestyle Marketing for Behavioral Health

Lifestyle marketing helps make a brand part of consumers' lives, raising awareness and improving their connection to that brand. Community Health Resources has produced several segments on Better Connecticut, which delivers news stories in magazine format. These segments have covered issues that community members may face regularly or find themselves curious about, including foster care, new therapies to help deal with trauma, therapy dogs, and information about what donations to CHR have accomplished.

Online Presence and Awareness

CHR has a strong digital and social media presence, including a strong focus on social media marketing. CHR produces regular Facebook Live segments in which therapists talk about their specialties, common issues in the community, or other challenges that their listeners may face. Through these efforts, Community Health Resources can provide a better overall foundation for the community as a whole, raising mental and behavioral health awareness and giving community members the tools they need to navigate those challenges and scenarios successfully.

Meredith Connecticut helps promote those segments on its social media platforms, providing additional reach and spreading the word about those efforts. The entire case review can offer more information about the effectiveness of these advertising strategies. 

Fundraising and Growth Through Sponsorship

As part of the partnership, Meredith Connecticut has also connected with CHR in its other fundraising and growth efforts, including sponsoring the company's annual 5K and its tennis and golf outing, both of which help increase community awareness connection. 

"WSFB [Meredith Connecticut]," says Maureen McGuire, Vice President of Communications, Business Development, and Marketing for Community Health Resources, "has been a real partner for us." Thanks to Meredith Connecticut’s partnership, CHR has seen immense progress toward many of its goals over the past five years. They have more than tripled the number of social media followers that follow the company, seen a 40% increase in the number of clients coming through their doors, and seen double-digit growth each year in their fundraising totals. 

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