How You Can Get Involved in Your Local Community With Meredith Connecticut

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Sep 15, 2020 9:13:00 AM

How You Can Get Involved in Your Local Community With Meredith Connecticut

An increasing trend over the years has been integrating cause marketing initiatives into business models. Consumers are more aware of the causes that their favorite brands are committed to, and they’re looking at that. Seventy percent of consumers want to know what the businesses they support are doing within their local communities. Forty-six percent of those consumers pay close attention to brands' social responsibility. As a whole, consumers are more likely to support the businesses that support the initiatives they care about. Getting involved in your local community can help show your commitment to social responsibility and giving back. Are you looking for a way to get involved with the local community? Meredith Connecticut can help and here’s how.

The Benefits of Getting Involved in the Community

Community involvement adds value to your business. Businesses that get involved with cause-related marketing in their local communities often see a significant increase in revenue and awareness. Sometimes, this brings direct revenue. When you donate a percentage of your profits to a particular cause, for example, consumers are more likely to make purchases as a result. Other times, that revenue comes because consumers want to support businesses that give back to the local community. 

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During COVID-19, the commitment to giving back has become more important than ever. Fifty-six percent of consumers are pleased to learn what local businesses are doing in an effort to make a difference. Those efforts can significantly increase perceptions of that brand. Consumers understand the importance of community. Right now, more than ever, they're focusing on it--and they want to support businesses that are also doing so. 

Your community involvement initiatives can help you meet your overall business goals, from raising brand awareness to increasing revenue. Millennials, in particular, are highly committed to both social and environmental responsibility, and they want to see that same commitment from the companies they do business with. 

Many brands utilize cause marketing campaigns. Some of those marketing campaigns are large, sweeping initiatives. Others, however, focus directly on your local community. When you get involved in the local community directly, you put a face to your brand and show people that you care. 

How You Can Get Involved

Your business can find several ways to get involved with the local community. Consider partnering with another local business or choosing a cause that matters, like supporting a local school by helping to renovate a playground. You do not have to take on those initiatives alone. Take part in what others are already doing in the community or invite other businesses to partner with you. Consider participating in community initiatives, from charity events and drives to events intended to help raise morale. As you get more involved with your local community, you will find yourself with a deeper connection to the area and its consumers. As a result, people will be more likely to think of your brand when they have a need in your industry. 

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Meredith Connecticut offers numerous sponsorship opportunities and chances for our partners to reach out and get involved in the area. Our Surprise Squad initiative highlights community members who have found a way to give back themselves. After receiving a recommendation from someone who has seen what they have managed to accomplish, we show up to provide a special surprise to those making a difference. We have provided scholarships to camps, offered much-needed devices to organizations and businesses, and helped brighten the days of everyone around them. One recent Surprise Squad visit focused on supporting utility crews and another paid for groceries in Meriden.

No one knows where the Surprise Squad will show up. No one knows what they will do. The commitment to giving back to the Connecticut area, however, gets the Surprise Squad recognized throughout the state. Local residents get excited to see what the initiative will offer next and who it will highlight. 

How to get Involved in the Local Connecticut Community

Your business can sponsor the Surprise Squad, increasing community perception of your business while making someone’s day. As a Surprise Squad sponsor, your business gets linked to those important efforts. Through the partnership, you can increase brand awareness throughout the area and show off the things that matter to your business, including that commitment to your community. 

Cause marketing helps your business stand out from the crowd. Supporting a local cause can directly impact how consumers choose the brands they want to support. They want to see that your brand cares about them. If you're looking for more cause marketing opportunities or want to get your brand more involved in the local community, connect with Meredith Connecticut to start looking for opportunities that will work for your business. 

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