How a Media Company Can Work Alongside Your Current Marketing Plan

Colleen Quinn

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Jul 28, 2020 10:11:00 AM

How a Media Company Can Work Alongside Your Current Marketing Plan

During the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses were forced to pivot their marketing plans quickly. Not only did they need to change the way they were doing business, but they also needed to communicate a great deal of information to their customers. In the middle of all the chaos, they wanted to maintain their branding and keep up with other businesses within the industry.

Those businesses that worked closely with a trusted media partner had an easier time pivoting and repositioning their marketing. From repurposing existing creative to ensuring that they had the necessary information about how and where to position their ads for maximum effect, media partners were able to help pivot existing marketing plans. They can help implement your existing marketing plan or help adapt your plan according to your changing needs as your business grows or reacts to changes within your industry.

Enhance Your Current Creative

Do you have creative that you're already using, but want a refresh that will make it stand out even more in the minds of consumers? A media company can help enhance those existing pieces to make the most of them. This can include adding new audio, inserting new text and visuals, reworking the video with new transitions, and more. By enhancing your current creative, you can decrease your overall marketing budget while still offering the content consumers need to connect with your business. Enhancement can increase the effectiveness of your existing creative, refining your current advertising efforts to deliver more effective results that are more likely to appeal to your customers. 

Rework Your Marketing Plan

Are you unhappy with the ROI from your current marketing efforts? Are your ads just not providing the results you want? Incorporating a media partner can be very helpful because they can work with you to rework and strategize a new marketing plan, or revamp an existing one. Your media partner likely has access to a great deal of data that can help influence your advertising choices and improve your results. They have a solid understanding of your target audience and the content they want to see. A media partner understands how to position your commercials effectively, from taking advantage of sports marketing opportunities to helping your business establish a solid presence and voice within the community. Thanks to proven experience with your local community, an experienced media partner can offer critical advice that can help your business grow. 

Help to Match Your Creative to Your New Goals

Have you recently set new goals or adjusted your previous ones? You may have learned more about your target audience, or seen an unexpected change in sales. Perhaps you have modified your efforts because of a new product or a new set of services. As your marketing goals change, your plans often change along with it. A media partner can help retarget your current creative to align with your new goals or help produce new creative with those goals in mind. By working closely with a media partner, you can often get that new creative out faster, which will allow you to start seeing the results of your advertising efforts sooner. 

Repurpose Your Existing Creative to Be Integrated With Additional Forms of Advertising

A media partner can help you come up with a strategy for running your ad on a specific platform. Ideally, you want a partner that has experience on a variety of platforms: one that can handle both your television advertising and your digital needs. Sometimes, a media partner can also help expand your reach. Some media partners will give you access to their email lists and social media pages, which can get your ads in front of more potential customers. 

A media partner helps adapt your current plans to include new advertising efforts. Integrated advertising can substantially increase your results over time by simply advertising on each platform, especially if you maintain your branding and voice across them all. 

Even if you already have a marketing plan in place, it's not too late to start working with a media partner. In fact, many businesses find that rather than interfering with their existing campaigns or making them start from scratch, a media partner can enhance those existing efforts. They have the ability to improve the results of your current campaigns, as well as helping to shape advertising efforts moving forward. For many businesses, a media partner proves to be a great investment to see an increase in the return on their ad spend. 

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