5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Take Advantage of Sports Marketing

Lisa Morgan

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Jul 14, 2020 8:55:00 AM


Sports fans are incredibly loyal to their teams. Win or lose, they get excited about every game and have an emotional reaction and attachment to the teams they support. Now, sports fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite teams and everything it will mean to have those sports back in action once more. Sports marketing now is more important than ever. 

What is Sports Marketing?

Sports marketing means aligning your business alongside a local sports team, using that connection to encourage sports fans to check out everything your brand has to offer. Sports marketing can include everything from sponsoring a team directly, which gives you the right to publish that connection in other venues, to sponsoring a segment leading up to a game, or taking part in the excitement before a local game on your social media accounts. 

Reasons to Get Involved with Sports Marketing

If you have been on the fence about sports marketing in the past, this is the ideal year to jump in and start taking advantage of those great opportunities. Consider these key reasons to get involved with sports marketing. 

1. Build brand awareness. 

When you associate your brand with a sports team, you help build awareness for your brand. Customers who support that team will increase their recognition of your name. Consumers can’t choose to buy from your brand over your competitors if they do not know who you are. On the other hand, when you increase your overall brand awareness, you can raise your sales significantly. Utilizing sports marketing can raise awareness of your brand on a local level by getting in front of local supporters of that team. 

2. Reach new customers.

Businesses are always looking for new customers. As you align your brand with local sports teams, you'll find that you position your brand to reach new people who might not be familiar with you otherwise. The average NFL fan, for example, will spend more than 24 hours watching commercials over the course of the season. This gives you a number of excellent opportunities to connect with customers who may never have heard of your brand. Other forms of sports marketing, including social media and digital ads, can also help make your brand more visible to sports fans. 

3. Increase brand loyalty among sports fans.

An average of 65% of a company's business comes from existing customers. You can increase your loyalty by aligning your brand with things your customers care about, including the sports teams they support on a regular basis. Consider your game day ads, for example: when an ad pops up showing your support for your local team, sports fans can become more eager to make a purchase from your brand and increase their likelihood of continuing to come in and support your business or place an order before future games. 

4. Fans are incredibly excited for the return of sports.

The lack of sports over the past several months has fans more eagerly anticipating the upcoming season than ever before. They're excitedly following along as they wait to see what will happen next in the world of sports. Will they get to attend live games this year? When will those games prove safe? Not only that, but sports also help provide a sense of normalcy in many consumers' lives. 

Your business can take advantage of that association and increase excitement related to doing business with your company. For example, sports fans may be excited to check out the new recipe you've cooked up for game day or try out the deal you offer based on whether your team wins. They can't wait to come in and check out your sports-themed merchandise. They're eager to engage with their local teams. Don't let that opportunity slide by you as you prepare for the upcoming season.

5. Increase sales.

Aligning your brand with sports can overall help significantly increase your sales. Consumers care about sports. They can't wait to get involved in the sports season again, and that will be reflected in their purchasing decisions. You can take advantage of that eagerness by aligning your brand with local sports teams. Restaurants, for example, might craft a special dish related to the local sports team or mascot. A car dealership might offer a specific discount on services if the local team wins. A realtor might highlight the convenience of a specific home to your local stadium. Get creative as you connect your brand with the sports that your customers can't wait to involve themselves with this year.

Sports marketing is an incredibly valuable tool for your business--especially right now, as sports begin to plan for their return. If you're struggling to find the tools you need to effectively connect your brand to local sports teams or connect with sports marketing, consider connecting with an experienced local media partner who can give you a better idea of exactly how your brand can make the most of this exciting time in the life of sports fans. 

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